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Land, Commitment, Passion

In the belief that our leadership also carries with it a responsibility in the area of sustainability-related practices, we are committed with practicality and conviction to operate with respect for people and the environment during all stages of the production and distribution chain.

We believe that three words can effectively tell the sustainability of our company and encapsulate the issues that are most relevant to us: land, commitment and passion.

Sustainability Policy


Investing for the future

Earth is our most important resource, the one from which our products are born and in which our roots lie. We have a duty to care for it so that its fruits are of quality and safe, and to prevent them from being wasted along the production chain.

Traceability of our products
Peels (of tomatoes and fruit) reused
Peach and apricot pits reused


Ensuring solidity throughout the supply chain

We are committed every day to ensuring safe and responsible working conditions for everyone in the supply chain, mitigating the company’s environmental impacts and ensuring long-term sustainability.

ethical audits conducted on the fields in two years
Energy needs satisfied internally
of metal can requirements satisfied internally


Generating shared value

Passion is what it takes to do one’s job well, the drive not to stop after an achievement.

Involving and collaborating with all the people at La Doria and sharing the road ahead is what makes it possible to grow and consolidate the company’s know-how and to be appreciated by customers.

New Product Development Projects
Top Italian and foreign customers loyal for at least 10 years
La Doria S.p.A.- società con unico socio, Via Nazionale 320 Angri (Sa) - Italia
Capitale sociale € 46.810.000 (int. vers.)
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