Generating shared value

In all our products is the passion that each of us puts into our work. We believe it is essential to deploy all the tools to protect, involve and empower our people while creating an inclusive environment.


Innovate to improve and preserve

We believe that innovation and sustainability are two issues at the heart of the present and, above all, the cornerstones for building a future of greater well-being for all.As a private label producer, innovation cannot be separated from close collaboration with customers to which is combined with the ability to grasp market trends.

There are two main lines of innovation at La Doria: product innovation with a focus on packaging and process Innovation to optimize production and mitigate its environmental impacts.

Quality of the company system

Corporate training, development and security

The company’s ability to be competitive in the market and continue to grow necessarily passes through the development of its people.

The company’s know-how is consolidated through a set of coordinated actions that include training programs and the development of career paths. The main lines of training focus on new product development and food safety, technical-engineering skills, administrative-accounting updating, managerial and language skills, and safety in the workplace.

Quality of the company system

The link with the territory and opportunities for young people

A further element of the quality of the company system for La Doria is the commitment to consolidate the link with the territory. In fact, most of the company’s people come from the communities surrounding the plants.

Moreover, for some years now, the ‘Rosso d’Estate’ project has been the privileged channel for selecting, training and developing the new recruits employed within the group’s production sites. The participants are involved in a training course that allows them to acquire some basic skills on company operations and ends with a work experience during the tomato campaign.

Recently, the Company joined the Mosaico Verde project through which 1,000 trees were planted to upgrade the area, thus contributing to the absorption of CO2 emissions and improving the quality of life of its community through the use of new green spaces. The project is part of the National Forestation Campaign of urban and suburban areas promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente and testifies to La Doria’s commitment to social and environmental well-being ( for more information:



The Strength of Made in Italy

The agri-food sector is an indisputable pillar of Made in Italy that guarantees Italy’s success on the international market.
For La Doria, guarantee of Made in Italy translates into the fact that all raw materials are processed within the factories in Italy.
In addition, for both Tomato Line products and Pear Nectars, Peach Nectars, Apricot Nectars, raw material is used that comes only from the Italian territory.

La Doria S.p.A.- società con unico socio, Via Nazionale 320 Angri (Sa) - Italia
Capitale sociale € 46.810.000 (int. vers.)
C.F., P.IVA e N. iscrizione Registro Imprese di Salerno:
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