Investing for the future

The earth gives us what our production processes.

Caring for the earth allows us to offer safe, quality products and to limit waste

Quality and Safety

Product safety and quality are essential requirements for La Doria, which are accompanied by a commitment to the health and safety of workers, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Traceability: product transparency and reliability

Having clear knowledge of the origin of a product (or its ingredients) has become a decisive element in consumer choices.

All product lines processed by La Doria are fully traceable from the land of origin to the retailer’s shelf, despite the variety of raw materials used and their different origins. This system makes it possible to mitigate the risks that products might encounter on their way to the final consumer, identify their causes, take appropriate measures on the suspect supply chain, and prevent the problem from recurring.

Smart Farming

Technological development and digitalisation enable a more effective approach in tackling challenges in the farming sector.

The digital monitoring and precision farming systems promoted by La Doria to support farmers provide new techniques to tackle water waste, the overuse of soil, the use of chemical agents and the repercussions on ecosystems.

Reducing food waste

Food product loss and waste is a priority issue for the Group, which translates into a constant commitment to ensuring that its facilities take all necessary measures to minimise such waste.

The main method of waste treatment is recovery: La Doria has recovered 98% of the waste produced by 2022.

These measures are varied and applied at different stages of product processing, from the selection of raw materials to the handling of finished products that do not conform to required standards.

These regulations are joined by a number of projects which target the reuse of some production by-products, which are reused in other processes. These include tomato peels and seeds, which become animal feed, and fruit kernels, which are then used in the confectionery industry.

Another important activity carried out by the Group is the donation of some products to charitable organisations. Donation is one way to extend the lifecycle of a product that is not considered suitable for sale to customers but is still safe for human consumption.

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