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Our story

Our story is a tale of inspiration, courage, initiative, enterprise, and hard work, starting from one man and his wife who had the ambition to build something thanks to their commitment and their understanding of the world and the changes it was going through.


A family story

In the town of Angri, in the province of Salerno, Diodato Ferraioli founded the company La Doria, with his wife Anna by his side and together they were able to look ahead and imagine the future.


Our brand

The trademark of La Doria was officially registered for sales of peeled tomatoes and tomato paste on the Italian market. The company began to export its products to the US with the brands of American importers.

It was a journey starting from our land and going out to the people, companies and products that have made this area the most important area for Italian tomato processing.

Not only tomatoes

The company’s product range was diversified so that the spiced sauces, pickled vegetables, vegetables, legumes, fruit juices and canned fruit in syrup were added to tomato-based products and the domestic production of tinplate containers was developed.

Exportation to the UK began.



Innovative products such as tomato pulps and purées were added to the range.


From a factory to a company

The Diodato Ferraioli Fabbrica Conserve Alimentari was transformed into La Doria S.n.c. owned by Diodato Ferraioli &. Co.


International Vocation

La Doria expanded to the Arab countries, in addition to France, Germany and Australia.

Our journey starts and ends in Angri, after reaching the US, the UK, Japan and Australia and all of Europe

La Doria S.p.A. and Private label

La Doria becomes a joint stock company owned by Diodato Ferraioli S.p.A. and the company starts selling products under private labels in the UK (its own brands that large-scale British retailers began to develop).


The family looks towards the future

Some of the Diodato children join the company and a major investment plan is launched.


A difficult year

The crisis in the sector and the damage caused by the earthquake bring the company to its knees and it is forced to go into receivership.


A new generation

Diodato Ferraioli dies and his sons Antonio and Andrea take the reins of the company. They then manage to lead it through this difficult period.


The crisis is surmounted

La Doria comes out of receivership and by the late ’80s the company is prospering once again.


An important breakthrough

The company is quoted on the stock market in order to fund its projects for expansion and growth.


New perspectives

An important policy of acquisitions in Italy and abroad is put into practice.

La Doria acquires a minority stake in Delfino S.p.A. – which will then acquire Althea S.p.A. of Parma (a company producing pasta sauces) – and it takes control of Pomagro S.r.l. (a company producing canned tomatoes).


The conquest of the UK market

A joint venture is launched with Gerber Foods, for the marketing of La Doria products in Great Britain. The following year the company takes control of Gerber – La Doria Ltd and becomes the supplier of choice for many of the best-known retail chains in the UK.


The production site at Sarno

La Doria takes over from Star a production site at Sarno. This is an industrial area covering 195,000 square meters where new plants, packaging lines and a storage area are established.


Large investments for the future

An investment plan of over 70 billion Liras is initiated with the aim of increasing volumes and efficiency and reducing production costs, effecting all of the company’s plants, particularly the complex at Sarno.


New Acquisitions

With the acquisition of 80% of Sanafrutta S.p.A./Confruit S.p.A., the Group becomes the second largest Italian producer of fruit juices / fruit-based drinks and the first in the private labels segment.

In the same year the Group indirectly takes control of Eugea Mediterranea, thereby increasing its overall production capacity of tomato-based products by 30%.


Rationalization of the corporate structure

There is a total acquisition of the shares of Pomagro S.r.l. (with which the company is merged in 2007) and a merger with Sanafrutta S.p.A./Confruit G.

SINCE 2011

A boost in internationalization

La Doria increases its market share in Italy and abroad (Great Britain, Australia, Japan and Germany).

The plant in Fisciano is expanded with the purchase of a new industrial building of 60,000 square meters and the internal depot and storage area is increased, as well as the production capacity.


The excellence of Made in Italy products

Tradizione Italiana is set up as a consortium that brings together the culinary excellence of Made in Italy products. The intention is to target new markets.


New records

La Doria acquires the entire share capital of the Pa.Fi.Al. S.r.l. Group, a holding company owned by the companies Delfino S.p.A. and Althea S.p.A. La Doria becomes the leading Italian producer of private label pasta sauces and one of the leading producers in Europe.

La Doria today

In 2022, the majority of La Doria’s share capital was acquired by an investment subsidiary of the Investindustrial VII fund, while some members of the Ferraioli family retained a minority stake.

After 27 years of listing, La Doria S.p.A. is now a private company.

La Doria S.p.A.- società con unico socio, Via Nazionale 320 Angri (Sa) - Italia
Capitale sociale € 46.810.000 (int. vers.)
C.F., P.IVA e N. iscrizione Registro Imprese di Salerno:
IT00180700650- REA SA147593